Clear Skies

It was supposed to snow here today, but we received nary a flake.  I’m not complaining, though.  Snow is cute until New Year’s Eve; after that, it becomes irritating.  Look at the movies: It’s so nice to have a wintery Christmas or a snowy New Year’s Eve, but you never see anyone celebrating snow on January 10, or March 14, or even April 3.  Nope – snow has worn out its welcome just seconds after the new year begins.

Ever notice how when it’s time for the weather on local news, they always start by telling you the weather in some area no where near you?  Why are you telling me that it is a balmy 75 in Phoenix?  I don’t live in Phoenix.  I know three people who live in Phoenix, and not one has ever said, “Hey, I saw your weather on the news last night; you should come to Phoenix because the weather here is balmy.”  Does the Phoenix weatherman start his segment with my weather?  I don’t get this nonsense.

If tradition holds, we’re due for three very nasty storms before Spring arrives, but I don’t know if the storm from last month counts.  My guess is that there will be something major on or about the first week of February, because we’ve had two major storms that week in each of the last two years.  In fact, the snow and storms we get in February used to come in January, delayed now due to climatic changes.  Yes, I know that a good number of people don’t believe in climatic change, but like it or not, it’s a fact.  The real question that people need to address – hence, all the noise about this topic – is whether the changes are a part of the Earth’s natural climatic pattern, or a situation caused by man-made conditions.  And yes, there’s evidence to support both arguments, so I guess we’ll never have a definitive answer.

But I digress . . .

Were those storms this month, it wouldn’t bother me as much because I don’t drive as much in January as I do in February.  But I’ve been very fortunate these last few years – I’ve averaged about one highway storm (i.e., a storm while I’m on the road) per year; I just experienced one last month, so my hope is that I’ve had my fun until next winter.  I’ve also averaged one weather-related class cancellation per winter, and I’m hoping that this will be the term where I break my streak.

So, I guess we’ll wait and see.  Despite having the heat on, it is freezing in the house, and I know that tonight will be more of the same.

In other news, I’m thrilled! I wrote an article for a research database and not only has it been accepted, I’ve been paid for it!  (Cue balloons, horns, and confetti.)

It was something that was tossed my way earlier last year, and I reluctantly agreed to help out.  When I started working on it, however, I found myself totally caught up in the experience – I love researching things that I want to research, not what someone else has determined for me – so in some respects, it was like returning to grad school.  What really surprised me was that there was minimal editing; a couple of words were replaced, but the text and tone are all mine.  I’ve got no additional information about the project and since I was technically a contractor, I doubt that I’ll be given freebies or access to the final database.  No matter – they gave me cash, and that’s all I wanted, along with credit, of course.

It’s weird to me to think that one day, some student is going to tap that database for information on that topic and plagiarize my work for his last-minute paper.

I think that, in terms of academia, I now can say that I’ve arrived.

Yay, me!

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  1. That bit about the student plagiarizing your paper cracked me up! Congrats on being a published academic 🙂

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