Morning Ramblings

I’ve been up since before 5 am.  I’m anxious, but I don’t know why.

My immediate thought is that it’s due to my prep work, which has been moving rather smoothly.  I’ve mentioned before that I like to update my lecture materials, and given that I’m teaching a couple of courses that I’ve not taught in a few years, it’s good to review and adjust those lectures as necessary.  Right now, I’m wading through the attack on Pearl Harbor, and I’m stunned by just how much information I don’t have written down.  My guess is that in the past, I did that section off the top of my head, because other than saying, “Japan bombed Pearl Harbor,” I’ve got next to nothing else on the page.  So yeah, updating might be the best thing I can do right now.

I can’t sleep.  I lay there, but nothing’s happening.  My mind is too active.  Oh, well.

We were due for an ice storm over the weekend, but thank goodness, it never arrived.  I do hear some clicking and clacking outside my window, however, so it may be that the storm was only delayed.  Oh well, it’s not as if I’ve any place to go today.  With it being a holiday, all of the places I’d love to visit – the university library for starters – are closed.  It’s funny that whenever I want to go to the library, it’s closed.  I’d have gone yesterday, had I not waited until after it closed to remember why I wanted to go.  Hopefully, I can visit tomorrow, but I’ve got a feeling that even that will be a fool’s errand, since the winter session is ending and students will be there in force, trying to complete those last-minute projects.  Don’t get me wrong – I love that students utilize the library.  I just wish that they used it for study and not the socializing, eating, or sleeping, that they do there.  I also wish that, rather than hogging a computer station for four hours while fooling around with Facebook, that they’d surrender them to people who’ve come there to – oh, I don’t know – work.  The good thing is that after the first week of school, attendance declines; people have made their mandatory classroom appearances, and now feel comfortable to slack off.  That frees up a lot of resources – parking spaces, computer stations, and cafeteria lines.  No, a safer bet is that I’ll likely have to wait until the first or second week of February to have the time, access, and tranquility I need for my own project.

I’ve been thinking about the past again.  Old faces – good and bad – seem to haunt me throughout the day, but oddly, not at night.  No, nothing comes at night, not even sleep.  I wish I had this much focus and energy during the daylight hours; there’s no telling what I’d accomplish.

My missing student never contacted me, so I can only assume that either his ‘need’ evaporated, or he’s prepared to sit and wait until the term begins.  Either way, I’m no longer going to worry about it.  I can only imagine, however, that as soon as I arrive to my office on the first day, there’ll be this panicked knocking on my door with a few urgent pleas.  Why do people wait until the last-minute?

Speaking of ‘last-minute’ people, I need to get back to work on these lectures.  Pearl Harbor isn’t going to just tell the story itself, you know.


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