Victory is Mine

I awoke this morning at 9 am, but didn’t bother to exit the bed until 9:24 am.

I know this, because I checked.

I was – am – tired, both physically and mentally, but I was also tired of being in bed, something I never would have believed I’d say, not in a million years.  After all, I’d gotten in the bed nearly eleven hours earlier, but my days of sleeping well into the wee hours of the afternoon are long behind me (as a twenty-something, I once slept until 3 pm), and I had plans.  Big plans.

I was going to take back control of my life, and I knew exactly how I was going to do it.

Yesterday, while out, I decided that I would clean my stove, ensure that it was safe, and cook.  That was easier imagined, let alone said and done, but making that stove functional again has become central to my mental well-being.  This was going to happen, even if it killed me.  So I picked up things that I would need for this operation:  A bottle of liquid Comet, some scrubbing sponges, garbage bags, and plastic gloves.  I also picked up a box of those tablets that turn toilet water dark blue.  Changing the water would be an act of reclaiming my life, too, but since I’m expecting that work crew in the morning and they are apparently in love with my privy, I’ve decided to hold back.  They’ve denied me a sink, so they don’t deserve dark blue water.  I’m sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Anyway, once I was up and ready today, I decided to tackle the project.  I filled a pail with water from the basement utility sink, and then added a goo-gob (a scientific term) amount of Pine-Sol to it.  I donned the latex-free gloves, grabbed a scrubbing sponge, and went to work.  On the more difficult spots, I applied the liquid Comet; this was needed more in areas where long-standing grease had collected – something that existed long before this Week of Sorrows, but I’ll blame the work crew for that, too.  It took a while, but my solution – mixed with elbow grease – finally produced results.  Perfect results?  No; if I were grading my performance, I’d say that I’d put forth a B+ effort, as there are areas along the sides of the stove that could use some attention.  The cooking surface and oven door, however, are all looking pretty good – better than they did before.  Afterwards, I got fresh water and wiped everything down.  I checked connections and tested the pilot lights, and everything was a-go.

It is done.

And what, pray tell, will be the dish that I’ll prepare on this Great Day of Days?  Filet mignon?  Rib-eye steak?  Baked salmon?

No.  Hot dogs and French fries.

You read that correctly – hot dogs and French fries.  We’re talking baby steps here, people.  That said, it’s important because we’re not eating out, and we’re not spending a fortune on supper.  Just a package of turkey hot dogs, buns, a bag of frozen fries, and a lot of gratitude.  While I rinsed out a pot using the utility sink, there was no way on this earth that I’d use that water for cooking, so a second trip out netted a bottle of distilled water, the obligatory hot dogs, buns, and fries, paper plates, and plastic utensils.  Our normal dining ware is filthy from dust; despite our best efforts to protect it all, I just didn’t trust any of it without a sink.  So, paper plates (not foam – I’m being eco-conscious) will be used.  To bake my fries, I purchased a foil tray for under a buck.

My hope is that this time tomorrow, I’ll be telling you about how the final stages of the repairs went, and how we’re putting our pots, pans, and cans, back on the shelves.  Frankly, I’m not convinced that’ll happen.  I’m willing to bet right now that there will be some flimsy excuse to extend work until Tuesday.  I’m hoping and praying that I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy the spoils of today’s victory.  Here’s to hoping that your day was equally as productive!


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