This Week

I’ve been away from the computer for nearly a week.

Actually, that’s not true; I check e-mail because professionally, I need to do so.  Students and their problems don’t go away because I might want them to; for some of my students, I’m the closest thing they have to a father figure or an emotional anchor of sorts, so I need to check periodically to see if someone needs me.  Personally, I listen to most of my music on my computer – ripping music from my discs to create MP3 files to play while I sitting at my desk.  I periodically play games, albeit nothing like I did years ago.  Nowadays I’m more content with a few hands of solitaire or watching the population in my town in SimCity grow.

So I’ve been around, but at the same time, I haven’t been around.  I’ve been in a sort of funk, but I don’t know why.  Things are going reasonably well for me.  I was nearly hit twice today by drivers who have no clue what those yellow lines on the roadway mean, but otherwise, I’m fine.  I managed to find a book I’ve wanted on sale, and then ended up getting a free book as a part of a local promotion.  I managed to salvage some left-over Christmas ham that was taking up room in the freezer, and make some pretty decent ham and Swiss sandwiches for dinner.  Even managed to get one of my tax returns this weekend, and learned that I’d missed a deduction.  It was corrected, so I ended up with more money that I’d anticipated.

So . . . yep.  Everything is going well.

My sister is doing much better.  She called me one evening last week, explaining that her previous incapacitation was the work of medication that hadn’t been administered properly.  She said that it’d affected her in a number of ways, but most notably, with her thought process, her speech, and her attitude.  She seems to be fine now; her behavior is more consistent with the person that I know and love, so her explanation seems to be spot-on.  Having gone through the exact same thing with two other members of my family during their extended hospital stays, I’m starting to wonder about the competency of some of the folks working at that facility, but that’s a different issue.  Sis still has a ways to go with her recovery, and based on the hodge-podge of information pouring out of the hospital, it would seem that she could be completely finished with her recovery, rehabilitation, and whatever else is on the agenda within a couple of months – most likely sooner.  I’m happy, but cautious: We were told this once before.  I’ll celebrate, but I also want to wait and see what happens.

Despite all of this, however, I’m still in that funk.  I don’t know what’s causing it or why it’s bothering me.  I should be all smiles, but I feel like there’s something dark and ominous hanging overhead and that it’s going to drop on me at any moment.  I suppose that I should be happy, since it’s been a good while since I’ve felt this way, and maybe there’s something positive in that, but I’m not sold on that.

I’ve just learned that my work situation may change after this semester.  Not in a bad way, I should add.  My responsibilities will increase significantly, if what I think will happen does happen, and I’m up for the challenge.  Sort of.  Truth is, I don’t want the challenge at all, but I’ve got no good reason (other than being a big baby about it) to push this work on to someone else.  My only real issue with being assigned this new project is that it will likely interfere with my classroom time, and that’s something I don’t like.  But, who knows – maybe I’ll be able to shape these new responsibilities in such a fashion that the two will never cross.  I can hope, at least.

I’ve been making bread the last couple of weeks, but I’m leaning towards making something that I really like: Sweet Potato Pie.  I haven’t had one since Thanksgiving, and frankly, I think the time is right for one.

After all, it’s like Socrates said: Nothing kills an ominous funk like sweet potato pie.

At least I think it was Socrates.  Might have been my cousin.

Oh well.



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