Light Thoughts

Spring Break is not shaping out as I’d expected.

I mean, I still have exams to grade, but it’s like the time is slipping through my fingers like . . . something that can slip through one’s fingers at a fast rate. (I’m tired and I haven’t had any coffee, so you’ll just have to bear with my lack of metaphors right now.)  I didn’t even realize that today was Wednesday until just moments ago, and that bit of knowledge almost sent me to tears.  Where is my time going?  Why aren’t I having fun?  What’s going on here?

If nothing else, I am managing to successfully bleed as much money as I can.  Yesterday saw the purchase of three new books: One I’d really wanted, one that I was so-so about, and one that I’ll probably regret getting.  Fortunately, that last one was from Amazon, so  it’ll be at least a week before I’ll start tripping over it and crying about spending $22 on a book that I’m likely never going to read.  I did, however, start reading the first, and I’m happy to report that I’m already disappointed.  ‘Though I’m comforted by it’s meager $7.49 price tag, the twenty or so pages that I’ve ventured into thus far have not grabbed me by the collar and overwhelmed me.  I’ll give it some more time, because it does have potential.  Of course, I’ve said that about the previous eight books that I purchased this last month, and I’ve been wrong on most of them.

I also started investing in a war game.  I have always been interested in war games, but know few people who’d be interested in playing.  I’ve always wanted to own one of those massive tables with the rolling hills, hedgerows, brush, trees, and running stream, and was populated with some five thousand miniature troops.  That’s never going to happen, of course, but I have been collecting various rulebooks and figures on the off-chance that I’m wrong.  I’m a curious optimist, I’m afraid – willing to spend money and take a chance on something that I’m 85% certain will fail.  I don’t know why I’m like that, but it’s certainly made my life interesting.  To wit: I’m probably $300 into a war game system that I find visually attractive (really nice figures and vehicles), but one that I don’t have the room to actually play.  Maybe one day, I tell myself, but . . . Anyway, it’s like I’m addicted to this – I can’t stop investing in figures, buildings, scenery, and the like.  And the books – oh, brother!  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that I’ve got rulebooks and add-ons for over a hundred different game systems, many of them just because they were available for the taking.  And the sad part?  I saw an advertisement yesterday about two new game books – due in June – that I’ve already got an eye on.  I need a life.

I did, however, manage to accomplish one fun thing thus far into my break.  Yesterday, I decided to finally use a Bundt cake pan that’d been sitting in my cabinet these last ten years.  I bought it on a lark, but after the kitchen renovation last month, I decided that I was going to be a more active cook.  And while a Bundt cake was not at the top of that list, it was something that seemed rather easy to do.  So I did it – chocolate cake that is very good, if I do say so myself.  No icing, however; I wanted a light glaze but each recipe I found mentioned powdered sugar.  Sorry, but I’m not buying an industrial-sized bag of powdered sugar that I’ll use once a decade.  I need one cup, not four pounds, and any excess would simply become waste, so we had the cake sans icing.  It was still good.

You may be wondering – with all of my noise about a sweet potato pie, why a Bundt cake instead?  That’s easy: The potatoes at the store left a lot to be desired.  You can’t just toss any potato into the pot to make a pie; they have to be vetted, and these potatoes did not pass the test.  I’ll head to another store this week and maybe we’ll shoot for Sunday.  It’s just a matter of finding the right spuds.

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