“It’s Gotta Be da Shoes!”

It is cold, wet, and dreary outside, but as we are often wont to say in the Upper Midwest, “At least it’s not snowing.”

This post’s title comes from a 1980s Nike shoe advertisement.  It’ll make more sense at the end, but spoiler alert: There are shoes involved.

Baby Sis did not have her surgery after all.  Seems that there were questions going into the procedure and the medical staff decided to put it off until later this week.  It’s depressing, but good: Had they proceeded, there’s a possibility that they would have made an already difficult situation even worse, assuming something like that is possible.  For her part, Baby Sis is okay with it.  It’s one more hurdle, but it can be overcome.  It’ll have to be if she wants her life back.  This drama, it seems, will never end.

As for me, I’ve finished most of those exams that I was to grade, and even went so far as to write out nearly twenty pages of lecture notes for this week.  This burst of creativity should help me considerably, as it essentially gives me a complete set of notes for one class, patches holes in another, and augments a third.  These are not “end all/be all ” notes, but material that’s needed to flesh out my already hefty presentations.  It’ll also give me time to rework material that I’ve been tasked with sharing to a community group next month.  That material is ready to go, too, but I’m not crazy about it.  Now I’ll have time to revise and perfect that lecture, and remove any possibility of looking like an idiot when I share it.  In short, I’ve been a very busy bee these last two days, and I’m quite pleased with myself, if I do say so myself.

Because of the weather, I’m fighting the urge to go out and about.  I want to do things, but this weather is not conducive to any type of activity, short of staying indoors.  Besides, at the root of this is the desire to spend money that I don’t really have to spend.  Oh, that’s not the goal, but it’ll happen if I leave the house – which is why I’m fighting this calling as hard as I am.  That said, I’m fairly certain that, short of an emergency, I’m in for the afternoon, so my meager ducats can rest knowing that they’ll stay in my pockets for one more day.  Besides, I’m awaiting news that I may get as early as tomorrownews that may affect my future liberality with money – so it’s really in my best interests right now to just sit here and behave.

In other news, I had a weird dream last night.  I lived alone in an apartment on the shady side of town.  Not the city in which I actually live, but a generic city that, at least in the dream, was familiar to me.  This was a weird dream because things were so fleshed out – I had a job in an office; I didn’t like the job, but it paid the bills.  I didn’t care for my neighbors, but I didn’t want new ones – that whole “Devil you know” thing comes to mind.  I’d come straight from work, meaning that I was safely inside my residence by 4 pm.  My apartment was no treasure, but it was home, and below my second floor terrace, I watched those who were headed home from a long day of work.  Something about the surroundings screamed, “Miami,” but given my lack of interest in high temperatures, I can’t imagine living there.  Still . . . it was a dream.

I never have dreams that are that detailed.  Heck, I never remember that kind of detail from a dream.  It was too realistic, too thorough to be one of my “normal” dreams, and given that most dreams last mere seconds in real time, it’s clear that my brain was working overtime to do what it did last night.

As I said, from my terrace, I watched people as they were heading home from work.  Just under my window was a bus stop, and despite the shadiness of the neighborhood, I saw people of all types periodically standing at the stop for their rides home.  This was a multi-bus stop, meaning that various metro buses counted this corner as one of their stops.  There were never more than ten people waiting (most of the time, the group was much smaller), and when a bus would arrive, some would get on, others would get off; those that remained waited for a different bus and once it arrived, the process repeated.

Here’s the weird part:  I saw two pairs of shoes on the ground below – a pair of men’s black oxfords, and a pair of women’s black pumps.  They’d been tossed out to the ground, so they were not next to each other.  In fact, three of the shoes were scattered on the sidewalk below, while one of the women’s shoes rested on its side in the street.  From my perch, I decided that I would collect the shoes, but I didn’t want to be seen picking up abandoned footwear.  I could tell that both sets were in decent condition, but if I didn’t act now, they wouldn’t stay that way.

I just had to figure out how to get them without being seen.

I’ve no clue why someone seeing me pick up four random shoes was such an issue to me, but it was.  Meanwhile, buses arrived and left, passengers boarded, disembarked, and walked away, all while these four abandoned shoes lay on the ground.  It was like a logic puzzle – there was a correct way to proceed, but I couldn’t figure it out!  I tried various ways to pull it off (starting with the shoe in the street), but I got caught each time.

Then, I awoke.

I’m sure that someone has determined that this dream means something, but for the moment, I’m more curious as to why it happened at all.  The detail was amazing and the puzzle near impossible to resolve.  But I’m curious as to what it might mean.

Why the hell am I dreaming about shoes??




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