Random Thursday Nonsense

The first week back has not been the disaster I’d anticipated.  If anything, school has gone surprisingly well.  Too well, in fact, and that’s got me petrified that there’s a shoe out there waiting to drop.  All the same, I learned that one former student has married, two more were engaged (to each other), another moved across country, two were accepted into graduate school, and two more are on the cusp of entering doctoral programs.

Not a bad week at all, if you ask me.

This is another of my “driving photographer” shots, but unlike the last time I pulled this stunt, I was stopped at a red light, and thus no danger to anyone.  Seriously, I don’t take photos often whilst behind the wheel, but this particular sunrise was so otherworldly that I had to pull over and snap a shot.  (And while it doesn’t appear to be the case, I am pulled over.)  This is just what I saw – no filtering, no editing (except cropping), and no tidying up – just a bleached sky with a white sun.  Had I acted a few minutes earlier, I’d have gotten a grouping of clouds that surrounded the sun.  Alas, all I ended up with was a faint wisp of a cloud near the sun’s bottom.

Resized_20170329_070501.jpeg (2)

As sad as this appears, it’s better than what we’ve had since – an almost continuous bout of light rain.  I should be happy – it’s not snow – but I’m also not feeling the rain.  I don’t hate rain, mind you; I’m just not up for it right now.

Oh, I’m just looking for something about which I can complain, and I know it.  Things have been going remarkably well for me.  My only issue is that I’ve been bleeding money this month, and I’m afraid to take a peek at my bank balance for fear that I’ll have a coronary.  I don’t know why this happens to me at this time each year, but it does – I go nuts with the spending.  I used to think that it was a reaction to the winter months: Spending most of my time cooped up in the house and bored called for something new.  That meant new books, new toys, new interests, and before I knew it – boom!  Bank account problems.  I thought I’d been doing really well this year, but just going over the last two weeks has me really bothered.  I’ve purchased the usual books, toys, and new things, but I’ve also had to buy furniture for the home and pay for December’s medical emergency, and these items alone are all about $500 that I’d not ordinarily spend.

See my problem?

Let’s go on a tangent here for a second:  I had to buy a step ladder – the kind that gets you a good two-to-four feet off of the ground – because the light housing in my dining room is too high for mortal men to reach it otherwise.  I was not crazy about buying a ladder because I was tired of spending all of my darn money, but I needed it – or at least knew that I’d need it – for the next time one of the two bulbs in that fixture needed replacing.  I had the funds, the time, and the thing was right in front of me; I decided to strike while the iron was lukewarm, because if I didn’t buy it now, I probably wouldn’t.

After much deliberation at the Mart-o-Wal, I finally opted for a ladder that seemed sturdy and financially acceptable.  As I was leaving that aisle with my newest toy, I stopped in the lighting aisle and bought a box of LED lights.  I figured that if I going to get a ladder, then I should buy new lights that actually produced light.  Two years ago, I cleaned up on a case of those energy saving lights.  It was a great deal, but I could probably have more light in my room if I struck a match.  I’m glad that they’re conserving energy, but if they conserved any more, it’d be pitch-dark around here.  LEDs are supposed to be better anyway, and they’re supposed to last longer; might as well give them a shot.

Between the ladder and the package of 60w LED bulbs, I kissed $30 goodbye.  The bulbs state that with normal usage, a single bulb should last 18 years.  How is this possible?  If true, then I need to think.  I could change all of the bulbs in my home to LEDs, and then return the ladder for my $25!  I mean, if I’m only changing the bulb once in two decades, what do I need the ladder for now? It’s genius – but no.  The ladder’s mine, and I’m just going to have to wrap my head around this.

Once home, I decided to replace the bulbs in the dining room ceiling fixture.  Everything was great until I leaned back a bit too far and I fell off of the ladder.  Not on the ground, thank goodness; had that happened, I probably wouldn’t be writing today.  I’d have surely slammed my head into the wall, and that wouldn’t have been pretty at all.  No, I fell but landed on my feet, and in the process, injured my right heel.  It hurt like hell – my leg and back felt the shock, in fact – but it’s not broken; it just hurt like hell to walk.  Still, it could have been much worse, as my falls tend to have some bizarre consequences.  (I’ll have to tell you one day about how I fell out of a chair and nearly lost an eye – good stuff.)

The Little Woman was still at work when it happened, and when I told her later – she noticed me limping – she flew into a rage.  So, now I’m barred from using the ladder when she’s not home because she apparently doesn’t want to return to find me sprawled out on the floor like a bear rug.  It’s not like she has to worry about that, because I won’t have to get back up on the ladder for another 18 years; as far as I’m concerned, she’s overreacting.

At least it didn’t result in another trek to the hospital because goodness knows I can’t afford the bill this month.



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