Dodging Fate

You know, after the gasoline fiasco yesterday, I thought that things would look up for me this weekend.

I’ve since managed to ram an X-acto knife blade into the center of my thumb (don’t ask).  Yes, it’s painful.  No, it is not healing properly, probably because I can’t immobilize my thumb.

I’ve also managed to choke on a bite of Texas Toast.  Yes, bread that is saturated in butter, thus making it soft enough for a newborn to eat, somehow managed to get stuck in my throat.  This would be almost comical except that it took over ten minutes to get the damn thing dislodged from where it was positioned.  Worse, it had lodged at an angle, meaning that I could breathe, but not swallow.

This, coupled with nearly falling down the stairs (again!), has me very cautious about next week.  I’m getting the feeling that Fate has it in for me and that these have been failed test runs.

I’m not too hopeful . . .

Happy Easter!


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