And…It’s Thursday

I awoke after a wretched night of tossing and turning.

I believed that it might have been due to dinner – homemade tacos – and my being too liberal with the spices.  We ate late, and I’ve found over the years that eating spicy foods after 6 pm will result in a difficult trek through Slumberland.  I knew early on that I’d probably used too much of those spices after the first bite, but then I also reasoned that I’d bit into a pocket of spices that hadn’t been thoroughly blended in; an anomaly, if you will.

Then it occurred to me that it might be the tomatoes, but that made no sense to me, given how few I actually consumed.  I don’t know what it was, to be honest, but it was not good.

I’ve bitched about the medical community a number of times – so much, in fact, that it’s almost pointless to prattle on about them again.  I have always held that there are people physicians and nurses want to help, and others with whom they couldn’t care less.  I have a colleague who has been to over a dozen physicians to address what ultimately turned out to be a simple issue; it seems that none of the others gave a shit about her – at least not enough to actually try to help her.  So, because they couldn’t be bothered, she endured years of pain and discomfort.  But that was her own fault for falling into that second group of patients, right?

I’m tired of wanting to be free of pain.  Oh, I accept my own failings – like failing to eat three times per day, failing to follow an exercise regimen, and failing to schedule regular check-ups.  And I accept the pains and discomforts that come with that behavior.   That’s my fault.  But this abdominal pain is something that I’ve been forced to tolerate because the assortment of “doctors” I’ve seen would rather dismiss me than actually work.

My lower right side was filled with sharp pain, and had I broken out in a sweat, I would have said that the pain (and a few other issues I’d experienced) were all indicative of appendicitis.  But I’ve been down that path before – rushing to the ER for abdominal concerns only to be told that it’s gas, constipation, or like last time, that I was “delusional” and “lying” – so I felt as though my hands were tied.  I’m not a guy trying to find free meds or in need of special attention.  I just have pains that I can’t explain and that won’t go away.  They hurt and I want them to stop.  Still, I’ve come to accept that the only way for me to prove that my problems are real is to let a coroner explain things to my survivors.

Then, maybe my physician will believe me.

I won’t know until this weekend, but I have it on good authority that Baby Sis may be released from her rehab therapy this coming week.  Apparently, her condition has improved to the point that her physician is willing to let her come home, and she couldn’t be more thrilled.

God is amazing, isn’t He?  Four months ago, I was being told that she would likely not survive the night.  Now, she’s better than she’s been in almost two years.  I told her that once she’s fully recovered, then I owe her a lunch – and I know just where I want to take her, too.  When my mother passed away, my only regret was that I’d planned to do take her to a couple of places she wanted to see, but never made time for the trip.  The same thing happened when my father passed – lots of plans, but no time – and I made no attempt to find the time.

Well, I have a second chance here with Baby Sis, and I’m going to take it.

Has anyone ordered from Total Books?  I was on Amazon and ordered a book from them because the price was attractive.  A day later or so, I was sent an e-mail that said that the book had been shipped.  After about a week – and no book – a second e-mail arrived telling me that the book had really been shipped, and was now on its way.  That was two weeks ago, and I still have nothing.  I checked the company out before the order and was satisfied that the few negative complaints in their feedback were oddities, and not their normal practice.  Now, I’m not so certain.  Seems that there are a flurry of complaints that are similar to my own – multiple shipping e-mails, no information, no tracking numbers, and most importantly, no book.

I’m just trying to figure out if I should give them some more time or not.





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