Well, it’s been almost two weeks since my last posting, and a number of things have happened:

  • Baby Sis is finally home and undergoing physical therapy.
  • The school year has ended and I’ll now need to find something with which to occupy myself.  I have something in mind, but I’ll need to hit the library soon to see if what I’m considering is even viable.  Research is important, my friends.
  • I’ve decided that I’m in the market for a decent dining room table set.  We’ve still not replaced the one we got rid of in February, and frankly, I’m tired of standing in an empty dining room.  I like to work at the table – reading, writing, painting, sewing – and that means I’ll need a table that can support weight and stand abuse; it’s my guess is that whatever we get will likely be used, or else I’d spend all day fretting over scratches.  I could go to Craigslist, but I’ll probably check out Goodwill next week.

Have you ever found yourself suddenly interested in something that, under normal circumstances, you’d never think twice about?  Like some sort of bizarre craving – ordinarily it’d never cross your mind, but suddenly and inexplicably, it’s there, consuming your every waking moment?  You just have to have this item, but you don’t know why?

For some strange reason, I’ve become obsessed with Conan the Barbarian.

Go ahead and laugh; I’ll wait.  Done?

I can’t explain it, because it’s weird.  It literally just popped into my head a few days ago, and ever since then I’ve been researching and reading up on Robert Howard’s literary creation.  It didn’t help that AMC just showed the Schwarzenegger film – I hadn’t seen that since it was originally released in the 1980s.  And maybe it’s because I’m older, but now it didn’t seem as goofy or cartoonish as I’d remembered.  (Of course, we’re not talking Schindler’s List, either.)  I caught it midway through, and just started watching.

Why did I do that?

Now I want to read the stories and look at any other media for the character.  I’m curious about Conan board games and RPGS; comic books and short stories.  Frankly, anything that deals with the universe in which that character lives.  I can’t remember ever obsessing over a character like this, so this is completely new to me.

But . . . Conan?



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