What Happened?

I haven’t been writing much as of late.  The odd observation or the pithy comment, but nothing of any weight or value.

A few weeks ago, I received a rather hostile note about something I’d posted.  The letter writer had a few choice words for me, and accused me of being mean-spirited and spiteful.  Stunned by this interpretation, I reviewed the post in question and couldn’t figure out how this person came to the conclusions that were reached.  I still can’t, to be honest.  I started to respond, but then thought better of it; I’m not interested in an online pissing contest – those days are long behind me.  So I shut down my page for a few days as I tried to mentally regroup.

I can’t recall ever – deliberately – posting anything that could be perceived as hostile.  Snarky, maybe, but if I’ve ever related something that didn’t involve my own ineptness, it was posted for the humor it contained.  I don’t laugh at people, but I will laugh with them.  I will appreciate a misspoken phrase or an absent-minded act because they’re funny, and because most of the time they can happen to anyone – including me.  The allegation that I had some how said or done something wrong knocked me for a loop; I still can’t say that I’m truly over it.

Even though I hadn’t done anything wrong, I felt chastened, as though I’d been caught doing something inappropriate and it’d been brought to light.  These kinds of anonymous missives are a part of the blogging game, I know, but given the last couple of months, I just wasn’t in the mood for it.  I debated shutting my blog down for good, but then I realized that it’s through my site that I’ve been exposed to so many wonderful writers – because they’ve liked something I’ve posted, or sent me a note of encouragement during a rough spell.  If I walked away entirely, I’d probably lose that little bit of sunshine – and that’s something I wasn’t interested in doing.

In the end, I decided to keep the blog, but to purge some posts where I felt, in retrospect, I’d stepped too far from my comfort zone.  I may rethink my approach to what I post, and am considering using a more thematic design.  I started this blog five years ago with the intention of documenting my plans to  make mead (Spoiler: It was a bust), and from there it branched off into food.  At some point, however, it became . . . something else.  I’ve been hinting for a while about reverting to culinary topics, so maybe this was the call I needed to revisit that idea.

In any case, that’s what’s happened.


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