Sunday Thoughts

Awoke this morning to the roar of thunder and the splashing of raindrops.  All in all, a pretty impressive audio event, considering that I was wearing ear plugs.

It’s still raining.  It’s dark and overcast.  It’s cool.  And I love it.

Thankfully, I’ve no where that I need to be today.  I thought that I’d be going out of town to meet up with an old friend, but I know that she’s in the region on business, and I’ve only heard from her once; as much as I’d like to get together, I’m not interested in pushing for a sit down, especially since the Little Woman can’t make it.  Oh well; if it happens, it happens.  Although given the weather situation, I’m really hoping that it doesn’t.

I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from Alien: Covenant, and it’s pretty good.  Very similar to the original Alien soundtrack, even so far as using motifs composed by Jerry Goldsmith.  From what I’ve heard of the film, this is likely as close as I’ll get to it, being that I’m not a fan of horror films or of the Alien franchise in general.  I’ve seen all but two of the Alien-themed films (Aliens 4 and Alien vs Predator); honestly, I see no difference between them since they all have the same identical plot:

Spaceship filled with assortment of yahoos makes contact with a space-borne platform (station, ship, planet, etc.), and stupidly, they get curious.  Alien pops up (literally), and comedy ensues.  We know the obnoxious guy will die, but will it be worth it?  Will the innocent looking girl-next-door at least not suffer when she dies?  Why didn’t the protagonist just jump into the nearest escape pod, instead of opting for the one that had “Alien creature is hiding under the seat to attack you in three minutes” flashing overhead in neon lights?

Alien (and it’s various descendants) is the exact same story in every release.  It’s no different from any other slasher/horror flick, and that includes the number of groan-inducing attempts at comedy, stupid decisions, inexplicable coincidences, Deus Ex Machinae, etc.

But I do have a confession to make:  I’m probably one of the six people on Earth who actually liked Prometheus.

Go ahead and laugh.

Sure, there were some problems with the narrative, but I went in knowing that it was a prequel to the original Alien film, so those issues were more like minor irritants than real problems.  My brother is the real Aliens fanatic, and he hated Prometheus with a passion; oddly, he’s a purist with his franchise just as I am with mine, so I appreciate his frustration.  I’ve not asked him about his views on Covenant yet, but I’m sure he’s seen it and has torn it to pieces by now.

It’s starting to clear up outside now; there’s a lot more light than there was thirty minutes ago.  But it’s still pretty cool.  I might just make a cup of hot chocolate and watch a DVD or two.

Sounds like a plan.


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