It’s Sunday!

It was 75°F when I awoke this morning.  That wouldn’t have been bad, but for the fact that it was 3 am.

The combination of an upset stomach and night heat meant that I spend a good portion of my nocturnal time staring at the ceiling and trying to find ways in which to cool off.  It’s still too early to put in an air conditioner, but the oscillating fan I’d set up just wasn’t doing the trick.  And then there was the whole upset stomach thing . . . in short, last night was not good.

As the morning progressed, things improved – at least for my gut.  I have no idea what caused the distress, but it was clear that by 10 am, it had passed.  I felt better, albeit tired, and after I’d reconciled myself to the fact that this week will likely be a warm and humid one, I decided to do something, rather than complain about the heat.

It was that desire to be positive and productive that led me straight to a hobby store.

I’d been wanting to start a pet project of mine, but it requires a small amount of terracotta clay.  I neglected to grab some yesterday while out, so I figured that I’d run over to Walmart to see if it was something they carried.  Then I realized that I did not want to drive all the way over to the full-sized Walmart, so I revised my course and ended up at a local arts and crafts store.

They had the clay, but it was far more – both in quantity and in price – than I’d expected, but it turned out that I was eligible for a discount, and a sizable one at that, and a deal was reached.  One thing I will never understand – people who feel the need to go into some epic conversation with a cashier when there are other customers waiting.  The couple ahead of me acted as if they’d never seen other human beings before.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for being polite to cashiers – theirs is a thankless job and they have to put up with a ton of crap while standing for hours on end.  But in this instance, it was clear (if I were to go on the young woman’s pained smiles) that she was not interested in continuing this one-sided discussion.  She’d occasionally shoot me a look that said, “I’m sorry,” while one of the customers periodically peered over in my direction to remind me that they would finish when they wanted to finish.  I think she wanted to see if I was angry enough to stop her endless yammering, but I played it cool.  I mean, what else could I do short of making a scene?

Nah, it was too hot for that.

So I waited my turn, and eventually, I made it through the line.  Seeing as I saved quite a bit due to that discount, I decided to now focus on dinner.  I’ve said this in years past, but I’ll reiterate: My home is a heat magnet during the summer, and a cold magnet in the middle of winter.  It’s like a patch of warm air just settles on my neighborhood and is absorbed by the physical structure of my home.  I have yet to install an air conditioner, mainly because we’re looking into getting a new one, so it doesn’t make sense to act just yet.  Besides, this is only the third warm day of the year; I’d like to think that I’m made of sterner stuff, especially since we’ve not had air conditioning for the last four summers.  So we’ll just have to wait until the middle of this week when, if the stars are faithful in their courses, we’ll have a nice, new cooling system installed.

What all of this means is that I can’t even fantasize about cooking with my oven right now.  I’d love to bake some boneless chicken breasts, breaded cod, or even a tray of French fries, but none of that’s going to happen until it cools off (so . . . Octoberish).  I am not in the mood for homemade submarine sandwiches, and I’m not someone who lives off of “pasta salads;” my choices are limited.

That’s when it hit me – tacos!  Oh, I got warm standing over that hot stove, but it was short term and not likely to join the other heat that’s currently camping out in my home.  Ground chicken breast with Queso Fresco, lettuce, and low-sodium seasoning, all on a flour tortilla?  Fantastic!  Sugar-free iced peach tea, too?  Oh my goodness, I feel like I’ve lost my mind!

In any case, it certainly made a trying day a whole lot better.  I’ll have to make tacos more often.

It is now 10 pm, and according to Accuweather, it’s about 84°F out there.  Should make for another interesting night, I guess.


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