Just Wonderin’

This just occurred to me:

Am I the only person who goes on Amazon and writes snarky responses to bad customer reviews?

Am I the only person who looks at a “customer review” for impartial information on a product, only to be frustrated because “Mary Jane from Sioux Falls” left a one-star review and gibberish as a justification?¬† Usually, it’s a variation of “I bought this in the wrong size,” or “I wanted the ten-foot version, but ordered the one that’s three feet,” or “I know it says ‘black’ in the title, but I didn’t think that they were serious.”

Am I the only person who wants to slap these clowns silly because they can’t read a description on a web page or use a search engine and look up the information before placing their ill-informed order?

I’m just wondering . . .


3 Comments Add yours

  1. You are not alone in that at all! People are DUMB.

    1. Doc Furious says:

      You are absolutely right! How do these people function in the real world?

      1. It’s really a wonder, isn’t it?

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