Another Bag, Please

Last week, I happened to take a trip to Port Washington, Wisconsin.

That place sounds familiar, but you’re not sure why, you say?

Well, it’s where these guys live:


Remember Us?


I would say that I was sorely disappointed that there’s no amusement park there, but I already knew that; the park shown in the show’s opening titles is probably bigger than the town. What did surprise me was how friendly everyone was while I was there.  The Little Woman and I were there for only a short while; she had some business to address in the area and I went along for the rather lengthy trek to keep her company.

This isn’t a lengthy note about our trip, though.  Overall, it was uneventful.  The Little Woman took care of her business, and when finished, we walked around downtown for a bit.  I can honestly say that it took us far longer to reach Port Washington, than the amount of time spent we actually spent being in Port Washington.

No, my post (and shout out to Port Washington) is centered around one discovery I made while waiting for the Little Woman.  A discovery that was so mind-blowing and incomprehensible, that I had to invest money in it to see if it was as truly awesome as it sounded on paper:


Bacon Popcorn (2)
Great Scott – what madness is this?


Oh. My. Goodness . . .

There’s a small popcorn shop called Broadway Popcorn where dreams come alive.  I’m not kidding.  I wish I’d taken photos of their stock, but I was too busy being mesmerized by what I saw.  There was plain popcorn, buttered popcorn, and the usual – cheese flavored, caramel coated, and cheese/caramel mix.

But there was also a butter rum coated popcorn, a parmesan/garlic flavored popcorn, mint chocolate, peanut butter cup, and kettle popcorn.  They had flavors that were so off the wall that I spent a lot of time doing double-takes at their labels.  All of these – and more – were made fresh.

All of this from a guy who really doesn’t eat popcorn.

I’m not even a fan of bacon, either.  Well, I like it, but I hate cooking it because the house smells like bacon for days afterwards.  And while in a perfect world, there’s nothing negative about that, I’d just rather not have my house smell that way for weeks on end.  The bacon fad is lost on me, mainly because it’s just not my thing.  But seeing – and smelling – this . . . this . . . this gift, I felt a near supernatural compulsion to buy a bag just to keep that sensation nearby.

I’ll spare you the wait:  This stuff is good.

Honestly, it’s a bit salty for my palate, but that’s not a bad thing.  What I noticed was the absence of anything sweet in there, and it made me which I’d also picked up a bag of their caramel corn to blend into this.  (Of course, my taste buds might not have been able to handle that much goodness, so perhaps I’m lucky that I didn’t.)  The bacon flavor was just right, and the cheese flavoring complimented it perfectly.  If it weren’t so far away, I’d go back to get another bag or two.

Why am I mentioning all of this now, you wonder?

I’m out.  It’s all gone and I really, really want some more . . .




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