Real Feel

The first thing I do in the morning when I awake is check my phone.

It’s not like I have people calling  me at odd hours (or at all, but that’s another issue), so my “phone” is more along the lines of a “mini-computer” from which I gain my daily info.  So imagine my surprise when, after realizing that it was 6:29 am, I saw this:


I’ve been in worse, but honestly, I can’t really remember when.

Supposedly, this is the lowest temperature for this area on record – ever.  Worse, the various weather jockeys reported that, if only for a brief moment, the temperatures today might make the Upper Midwest colder than parts of Antarctica.

For the most part, the entire area’s shut down, with just about everyone stuck in their respective homes.  I say “just about everyone,” because that doesn’t include the policemen, firemen, hospital personnel, and others who can’t just call in on a day like this.  It also doesn’t include the handful of local businesses that absolutely refused to close their doors until this dangerous weather passes.

And honestly, I can see that person who, now that they don’t have to go to work, will now try to hit up Walmart for something or another and complain that aren’t enough clerks on-hand to do their bidding.  These are the same people, by the way, who go to Walmart on Thanksgiving and complain that it’s unfair that the store keeps them working on a holiday.

Well, they wouldn’t do that if you didn’t come out there to shop, Genius.

Anyway, it’s starting to warm up.  The Real Feel™ now is only -44ºF.



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