12:31 PM

I have not stepped outside of my home in over a week.

Bite Me

Do you know what I love? Boston Baked Beans.  The candy, not actual beans – although, those are good, too.

Sisyphus Rex

This morning, the floodgates holding back the snow were breached, and there has been white stuff falling from the heavens non-stop since about 6 am.  There were some really nice periods of this, as it was obvious that it was too warm to stick to anything but the cool grass, but by 11 am, things…

Winter Blues

Well, the snow I feared ten days ago has arrived – twice – and I don’t know whether I should rejoice that it’s here, or hang my head in shame over the fact that my previous post seemed to summon it.

Another New Year

Happy New Year! Want to know what’s weird?  Walking outside in 51ºF temperatures during the first week of January in the Upper Midwest. In January. If my parents were alive, my father would tell me that this is a sign of the End Times.

The Common Theme

It’s Christmas! You wouldn’t know it, judging by the weather.  We in the Upper Midwest are looking at a week in the 50ºF range for most of the week.  In fact, it was so warm and clear yesterday, that I avoided the nonsense that is known as “the mall,” and got my car washed (for…

The Most Wonderful Time

This is supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” if you believe Andy Williams, and I’m here to say that – as much as I love Andy – that’s the biggest load of bull I’ve yet heard. This is probably the worst time of the year.

Now, I Know

I decided to reach out to that “old friend” after all, which unfortunately proved to be not one of my better decisions.

And Yet, I Live

The last couple of weeks have been both busy and quiet.  A few good days with the Little Woman, a few more children being run over in the streets by jackasses with no sense of morality.  There have been a few people rendered homeless because they left an unattended pot on the stove, and we’ve…

That Kind of Week, pt.1

This has been a crazy week.  Not your ordinary kind of crazy, but that special once-in-blue-moon type of nonsense-filled period with the emotional roller-coaster added, free of charge.  The kind of week that, when it’s over and after you’ve replayed the week’s events in your mind for the umpteenth time, you’re stuck looking around with…

Here’s a Tip

Something happened and I’m curious as to whether my take on things is the correct one. To wit:  I took the Little Woman out to eat at a sports bar/restaurant.  Nothing big or fancy; it’s actually one of our favorite places to hang out, when either of us has a few extra bucks.  The waitress…

Spinning My Wheels

Awoke with another bad headache, dizziness, and the like.  Fortunately, I have only one “required” trek today.  The problem is that it’ll put me in contact with a guy who’s nice, but incredibly loud – I mean, my eardrums literally rattle when this guy speaks to me – and I’m debating whether I’m up to…