The Unexpected

I’d wanted to post the other day, but truthfully, I wasn’t up to it.  I haven’t been feeling all that hot as of late, and it’s probably due to my poor sleeping.  I just keep waking at odd hours and I’m not exactly sure as to why.  Part of it is me having a sore…

Everything’s Lava

Awoke this morning extremely tired – nothing new.  But the cough, mucus, and chest discomfort, were.

Feeling Good

Based on the forecast provided by Accuweather, the next two weeks will reach the mid-80sF here, but feel like they’re in the mid-90s.  Granted, I have to take that with a grain of salt because . . .

Just One Thing

Today was the most adventurous day I’ve had in a long time.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Mid-Summer Musings

Summer school has concluded, and I’m “free,” if only in a literal sense.  With the fall term quickly approaching and some doubt as to whether or not we’ll meet face-to-face, there’s a great deal of uncertainty in the air.  Worse, the people who should know the answers don’t – meaning that we’re all a bit…

Feeling Better

It’s raining right now and a cool breeze is rolling in – perhaps the last such breeze we’ll see here in the Upper Midwest in nearly a week.  Until tonight’s celestial lightning show, it was hot – nearly 100ºF – and humid.  We’re expecting more of the same tomorrow . . . and the day…

Hollow Glass

For some reason, I tend to cry a lot nowadays.

The Wasteland

I’ve mentioned before – at least I think that I have – that I’ve been alone now since quarantining began.

I Could Do That

Okay, before you read any further, please watch this video.  It’s an important part of what happens next – trust me:


After a conversation with a good friend of mine – someone I’m afraid that I’m slowly alienating by being somewhat needy – I decided to take a walk.