Space Food Sticks

Unfortunately, my attempts to find out the cause for Wednesday’s performance at Walmart have all failed miserably, so I guess I’m destined to never know.  Pity, because that was one heck of a show. 

Friendship and Food

On Friday, I received a surprise visit from one of my favorite former students.  She’s off attending graduate school and returned to the area for personal business; she thought enough of me to stop by and show her face. I’m glad she did. 

Antiquing Again

I’ve been on another vintage kick, and that translates into more time at the various antique malls in the area. 


Retro foods! There’s nothing like going down an aisle at the grocery store and seeing current products wearing retro labeling.  Even if the contents have been completely modernized, it’s just heartwarming to find a favorite food looking as it did when you first fell in love with it. The bad thing is that often companies…

Stuffed Biscuits, 1972

A long time ago – the autumn of 1972, to be exact, my elementary class went to the circus.  We were gone nearly the entire day and the only thing that those teachers thought to bring for three dozen or so first and second-graders were the individual bags of M&Ms – no other food.  When…