Slow News Day

It’s been two weeks, and surprisingly . . . I still don’t have much to say. That’s not to say that things haven’t been happening to me.  I’m still a bit peeved about that eight-hour ER visit, and the fact that I’ll have to wait another two weeks to take an examination that my physician…

Just Wonderin’

This just occurred to me: Am I the only person who goes on Amazon and writes snarky responses to bad customer reviews? Am I the only person who looks at a “customer review” for impartial information on a product, only to be frustrated because “Mary Jane from Sioux Falls” left a one-star review and gibberish…

And…It’s Thursday

I awoke after a wretched night of tossing and turning. I believed that it might have been due to dinner – homemade tacos – and my being too liberal with the spices.  We ate late, and I’ve found over the years that eating spicy foods after 6 pm will result in a difficult trek through…

Star Trek Costumes, pt. 2

Remember this?  Well, two unexpected and unrelated things occurred today and . . . well, read on.

Et tu, Amazon?

Been having my share of ‘bad business moments,’ but I never thought that I’d add Amazon to that list.