End of a Mini-Era

My side blog on prop making and other interests has gone nowhere.  Since creating the site at the start of the year, there’s been very little interest in it, including from me. I guess that just don’t have the motivation to push two sites right now.  It’s no big deal, I suppose; I’ll probably redirect…

Star Trek Costumes, pt. 2

Remember this?  Well, two unexpected and unrelated things occurred today and . . . well, read on.

Star Trek Costumes

The new Star Trek Costumes book is finally out, yet I’m having a hard time finding out what it actually contains.  I was prepared to shell out the asking price of $60 when I was at B&N yesterday, but . . . I think that you know how that turned out. But Amazon has it…

He Lives!

Hi Gang, Long time, no write, eh?