Eclipse Phase RPG Sale

(Consider this an FYI for those of you who are involved in sci-fi gaming.  I know it’s late in the day, but I just learned about this.) Posthuman Studios, makers of the Eclipse Phase RPG, are having a sale that runs only today (1 January).  The entire line of digital Eclipse Phase products (bundle packs…


Before things started crashing down around me these last few days, I’d started revisiting the numerous gaming shops in my area.  Why I’ve been doing this – and amassing a sizeable collection of RPGs that I know good and well I’ll never play – is beyond me, and frankly, a topic for another day.  So, instead, I’m…

Game Night

On Tuesday, the Little Woman and I went to a gaming store.  Rather, I should say that I took the Little Woman to said store, since I was the one driving. The evening proved to be a lot more fun than I’d anticipated. 

You know what’s pretty darn hard to find locally?