Bite Me

Do you know what I love? Boston Baked Beans.  The candy, not actual beans – although, those are good, too.

Another New Year

Happy New Year! Want to know what’s weird?  Walking outside in 51ºF temperatures during the first week of January in the Upper Midwest. In January. If my parents were alive, my father would tell me that this is a sign of the End Times.

The Great Potato Heist

Something interesting happened today, and I’m still not certain as to how I should – or if I should – deal with it.  Frankly, I’ve not had this sort of thing happen in a long time, so it could be that I’m just out of practice, and I need to find my rhythm.  I’m angry,…

Let’s Go to Hobby Lobby!

I’ve noticed something over the years: Despite all of this “good will towards men” stuff, people tend to be even more obnoxious, rude, and combative, than usual during the Christmas season. Why is that?  This observation – which I made several years ago, in fact – resurfaced yesterday.  I just thought it strange.  Anyway, I happened…

Magical Mystery Tour

Today was a Magical Mystery Tour kind of day.  Got up and saw the crisp blue sky, and the warmer-than-usual temps, and decided to let the day take charge.  No planning, no scheme, no . . . nothing.  I would let things happen as they might.  To go with the flow, you might say, and…