Getting Ready

It is, when considering the wind chill, nearly 0ºF outside.  It feels like it’s only three degrees higher inside. I’m in preparation for the return to work.  I’ve already prepared class syllabi wherein I spell out my expectations, the university’s expectations, and the repercussions involved for failing us both.  Funny thing about my syllabi: When I…

Clear Skies

It was supposed to snow here today, but we received nary a flake.  I’m not complaining, though.  Snow is cute until New Year’s Eve; after that, it becomes irritating.  Look at the movies: It’s so nice to have a wintery Christmas or a snowy New Year’s Eve, but you never see anyone celebrating snow on…

Giving a Hand

With school starting in a few days, I decided to restock my supply cabinet.  Tons of note cards, pencils, pens, folders, and erasers – everything except notebooks, and it’s all ready for the cabinet. I should add this:  The things you see here?  They’re not for me. You see, for years now I’ve had students…

It’s Almost Here

The last four days have been absolutely amazing, insofar as the weather is concerned.  It’s been cool, humid-free, and relaxing;  I wish that the entirety of summer had been this way, but it’s no big deal.  It’s pretty decent right now and I’m happy. The fall term starts in two weeks, and while I’ve spent…

New Projects – Or Not

While doing something-or-another, I managed to twist my back.  In doing so, I’ve managed to aggravate the earlier existing pain, meaning that the last day or so has not been pleasant.  But, life goes on, as they say; I don’t have the luxury of sitting around and convalescing, because I’ve got stuff to do.  …

Friendship and Food

On Friday, I received a surprise visit from one of my favorite former students.  She’s off attending graduate school and returned to the area for personal business; she thought enough of me to stop by and show her face. I’m glad she did. 

It’s Friday!

When I got into my car this morning, I noticed a small grayish-brown speck about eight inches from my face.  Now, I’ve been having my migraines again – painful ones, at that – and I didn’t necessarily take what was in front of me as actually being in front of me.  It was, after all, a…

Austen Gets Dressed

Okay, this is my last (for the time being) Jane Austen themed post.  Remember, I’m not that much of a fan, but the era is one of my favorites, and given my recent posts on education, are a couple of additional sites to which I wanted to give a shout out. 

Austen Eats – Again

Previously, I mentioned my unorthodox idea about teaching late 18th/early 19th century Euro-American history via a Jane Austen-themed event.  I even posted a link for late 18th/early 19th century foodstuff.  Well, here’s another – the blog that accompanies those films. 

The Best Advice

When I was in the army (many, many years ago), I worked in a legal office.

Austen Eats

While this is only tangentially related to my Jane Austen posts, I thought that it’d be a cool addition, especially for those who are really into Ms. Austen’s world…

More Time with Jane Austen

With my recent discussion on Jane Austen, I thought that it might be appropriate for me to list the materials that I would use in preparing the event.